Broccoli Rub
Broccoli Rub - Anti - Inflammatory Skin Muscle & Joint Care

Broccoli Rub


Containing the finest natural ingredients, Broccoli Rub is the ideal natural anti-inflammatory for sprains, muscle and joints and general well being care.

Why Broccoli Rub? Simply because broccoli contains Sulforaphane a powerful but safe anti-inflammatory and importantly, a natural one, with no known side effects, unlike some proprietary products.

With Broccoli as one of the main ingredients, renown for its natural healing properties along with a blend of natural herbs, oils and a hint of Lavender, Broccoli Rub can be used to bring relief for the following conditions:

  • Sprains
  • Muscle Discomfort
  • Joint inflammation
  • Inflammation
  • Backache
  • Bruising
  • Knee relief
  • Wrist Soreness
Broccoli Rub, bringing relief to those everyday aches and discomfort.
SKIN CREAM for external use only

What they say
"Oh thankyou very much,it has helped me no end having tennis elbow and bad knee and shoulder ( intermittently ) and ulnar shortening on both arms in less than a year,being a full time gardener18 years Im cracking up!Ive recommended it to two gardening customers too,thank you its helped them too,thank you so much for your clever creation. x"
Debbie Zappa 9th Feb 2017

To Buy Broccoli Rub
Developed and produced by Tim Somner in Dartmouth Devon and after much testing and meeting with EU INCI regulations, Patent Application number 1520224.5, Broccoli Rub is now available to buy either direct or online via paypal in 50gram containers at £14.20 including postage and packaging in the UK.

Discount For Two or more

Buy two for £19.80, three for £26.00 or four for £30.00

For more information or to purchase Broccoli Rub please contact Tim Somner on 01803 834 383 or email

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Broccoli Rub
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